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  How To Evaluate A Charity…
Avoid These 4 Annoying Fees…
Fun Facts and Laughs: Female Heart Attack Symptoms,       Did Your Cell Phone Go In The Toilet?, And More…
Trivia Challenge:
Real Estate Corner Q&A: How Can I Get Help Coming Up With A Down Payment To Buy A House?…


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December   2013

Dear Subscriber,

It’s the end of the year and several different charities may be asking you   for a donation. How do you decide which charities to support? In this month’s   Service For Life!® Free consumer   newsletter, I’ll give you specific tips on how to evaluate charities and some   other creative ways to make your contributions go further.

You’ll also learn how to avoid four annoying fees and get three web sites   where you can find gourmet food gift ideas – plus fun facts, a trivia   challenge, and lots more.

Gordon Herpst
Omni Services S.A. de C.V. 

P.S.  When you notice people talking about real estate in the   next few weeks, can you tell them about the free consumer information I   provide?

They may be people wanting to retire in the coming year, and you can tell   them about my services in the La Paz area to help them buy or build their   DREAM home. email me at        or


Today’s Brain Teaser . . .

You can have me but cannot hold me. Gain me and
quickly lose me. If treated with care I can be great,
and if betrayed I will break. What am I?

(see answer below)

“Is My Donation Used Well?”

At this time of year you may be   approached by charities to make an “end of year” contribution. Here’s what to   look for to evaluate charities, along with a few creative ways to make your   contribution go further:

  • Spend time on these websites:,, Search for a charity and look at complaints, reviews, and ratings (5-star, etc.).
    • Check for IRS 501(c) 3 status, which makes your contribution tax deductible and         holds the charity to a non-profit standard.
    • Look at the overhead ratio (the percentage of expenses that goes to         administrative and fundraising costs) to see if it raises any “red  flags.” The majority of charities evaluated by Charity Navigator spend 10 percent or less on fundraising fees and 15 percent or less on administrative costs.
    • Check the charity’s financial health by visiting its website and looking at its annual report. For the charity’s results, look for its Charting Impact report at The report gives the charity’s answers to five basic questions, such as “What have and haven’t you accomplished so far?”
    • Beware of charities that won’t share information. These might be scams (usually by phone or email).
  • Look for other ways to give. Ask your tax advisor for any financial implications but consider the following:
    • Create a scholarship at your high school or college. They may require $100 to $1,000 a year or more, and         larger institutions have higher minimums.
    • Give a designated contribution to a hospital. Work with the hospital’s development office to         donate money for new equipment or a specific project like breast cancer         research.
    • Give to your child’s school. Ask them to designate your donation for a specific         department, such as the music program.
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Learn How To Save Money On
Your Utility Bills!

With   all of the free sunshine here in the La Paz area, it pays in the long run to   use Solar hot water systems, PV grid-tied Solar electric systems, CFL and LED   lighting where ever possible.  We can help you add these systems to your   home or better still, to help you build your DREAM home GREEN.   Contact   me for more information.
Email me at

Avoid These 4 Annoying Fees

Are you tired of paying fees on   practically everything?   Here are 4 fees you might have paid and what you can do to avoid them next   time.

  1. Out-of-network ATM fee. The average fee is $4, including the fee from the        owner of the ATM and from your bank.
    Avoid it: Find        ATMs in your network by checking your bank’s website. Or switch to a        bank that belongs to the ATM surcharge-free Allpoint network. Learn more        at:
  1. Cell phone texting fee. Most big carriers charge 20 cents per text sent or        received (OK if you use it infrequently).
    Avoid it:        Buy a fixed or unlimited text plan for $10 to $20 a month. If you use        texting as your primary means of communication, you and your friends can        download a free app such as WeChat, WhatsApp Messenger or TextFree (all        iPhone and Android). These apps work over your phone’s existing data        plan or any Wi-Fi connection to send text messages for free.
  1. Hotel Wi-Fi fee. Many luxury hotels and resorts charge $10 to $20 for        in-room Wi-Fi.
    Avoid it:        Many hotel chains now offer free Wi-Fi, such as Holiday Inn and Best Western.        But you can also join a hotel’s loyalty program to get free Wi-Fi.
  1. New car dealer fee. Some dealers charge vehicle or dealer-prep fees,        advertising fees, and administrative fees.
    Avoid it:        If the fees are listed on the factory “invoice sheet,” pay them since        they come directly from the manufacturer. If they aren’t listed,        negotiate to have them removed or buy the car from another dealer.
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I’ve    learned…. That no   one  is perfect until you fall in love with them.

Fun Facts and Laughs

Heart Attack   Symptoms For Women . . .

Common heart attack symptoms for both men and women are chest pain, shortness   of breath, dizziness, and cold sweats. But studies show women are more   likely to experience these additional symptoms:

Pain in the arm, back, neck, abdomen, or shoulder blades. The pain radiates to many        places, feeling like a tightness or ache.

Jaw and throat pain. It may feel like someone’s choking you.

Nausea and vomiting. Women are more likely to think they have a stomach flu.

Unusual fatigue. Beyond feeling tired, this is an overwhelming feeling of fatigue and exhaustion.

If you have chest pain or any of these other symptoms of a heart attack that last longer than five minutes, call 911 and ask for an ambulance. You’re more likely to get faster treatment at a hospital if you arrive by ambulance than by private car.

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Gourmet Food   Websites . . .

  • — Have famous dishes (Like Chicago’s Lou Malnati’s deep dish pizza) shipped right to your door.
  • — Great for specialty items, cheeses, olive oils, and gift baskets.
  •— Features organic or natural foods, including gluten-free, vegan and kosher. Prices are comparable to your supermarket.

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What To Do If Your   Cell Phone Drops In The Toilet . . .

Apparently it happens frequently. Here’s what you can do to save your phone:

  • Turn the power off, and don’t turn it back on. Don’t  try to charge it.
  • Remove the battery if you can.
  • Try putting it in a bag of uncooked rice to absorb  the moisture overnight. That’s not always enough to fix it.
  • Take it to a phone repair shop ASAP (within 24 to 48 hours).

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A Message To My
Clients and Friends…

I would like to take a moment to acknowledge and thank  the special   people who’ve helped build my business with their enduring support and   referrals. I couldn’t do it without you!   And I wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS   and a HAPPY   NEW YEAR

Trivia Challenge for   the Month…

Last month’s   Trivia Question? 

Ken Jennings won over $2.5 million   as a contestant on what popular TV game show in 2004? 
a) Jeopardy   b) Wheel of Fortune
c) The Price Is Right   d) Deal or No Deal
The answer is a) Jeopardy. So, let’s move on to this month’s trivia question.

What beverage was   originally known as “Brad’s Drink”?
a) Coca-Cola
b) Mountain Dew
c) Pepsi
d) Dr Pepper



Brain Teaser Answer:


Thanks For Thinking of Me!

Did you know I can help you or any of your friends or family save time and   money when buying or selling a home? Thanks for keeping me in mind with your   referrals…and spreading the word about my services.

Real Estate Corner Q & A . . .

Q.  I’m wasting money on rent   and want to buy a home. How can I get help with a down payment?

A.  There are ways to get a down payment, including the following:

Look into local or federal government programs.

    They expire or change frequently, so ask your        REALTOR® about any programs that may apply to your area and situation.

  • Have the seller finance you. Some sellers may be willing to help you buy their homes in something called a “seller take-back.”
  • Use a financial gift from a friend or relative. Tax law allows gifts of up to $14,000 a year to be given without tax consequences to the giver or recipient (see IRS publication 950). You can get a gift from each parent or two friends without them having to pay a gift-tax, which brings it up to $28,000.

Do you have a question you want answered related to real estate or home  ownership in Mexico? Feel free to email me at:   Perhaps   I’ll feature your question in my next issue!

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