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  • Cure Headache Pain With These 7 Natural Remedies…
  • Web Apps That Can Save Your Life…
  • Fun Facts and Laughs: 2 Non-Driving Car Dangers, How To Give
    Without Being Taxed, And More…
  • Trivia Challenge:
  • Real Estate Corner Q&A: How Do I Make My Home Stand Out?
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August 2012
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Do you have frequent headaches? Some specialists are suggesting
alternative natural methods that can help relieve and even prevent
headaches.  You can learn more about these remedies (a few may
already be in your kitchen!) in today’s Service For Life!® Free
consumer newsletter.
You’ll also learn about web applications (apps) for your computer,
smart phone, or iPad that  can literally save your life, two important
non-driving car dangers…plus funny jokes, a trivia challenge, and
lots more.
Remember, we have some great second home and retirements
properties available here in La Paz.

Gordon G. Herpst

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Today’s Brain Teaser . . .

Name three consecutive days of the week without using the words
Monday, Wednesday, or Saturday.
(see answer below)

Cure Headache Pain With These 7 Natural Remedies

If you suffer from headaches, try a natural remedy before turning to
prescription or over-the-counter drugs. Traditional medicine can
cause unwanted side effects for many people, which is why alternative,
natural methods are gaining in popularity. Talk to your doctor
about using these seven natural headache remedies:

  1. Magnesium:  Sometimes migraine sufferers have been found to
    be deficient in magnesium.   Magnesium is found in dark green
    vegetables, nuts, and seeds. In tablet form, 400 to 600 milligrams
    each day may help  reduce headache frequency.
  2. Butterbur:  This herb has been shown to help prevent headache
    attacks because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Take 75 milligrams
    each day.
  3. Ginger:  This herb has been used for thousands of years in India.
    New research indicates that it reduces inflammation in small blood
    vessels, including ones in the brain. Try infusing a tea with fresh
    ginger root from the produce department or from dried powder.
  4. Riboflavin (Vitamin B2):  Studies show Vitamin B can correct small
    deficiencies in brain-cells. Get more riboflavin by eating leafy green
    vegetables, dairy products, beans, almonds, mushrooms, or tomatoes.
  5. Sunshine:  The Vitamin D produced when you spend time out in the sun
  6. seems to affect the way you perceive pain. If you don’t get enough time
    outdoors, try taking a 2,000 milligram tablet daily.
  7. Rosemary:  The soothing smell of rosemary tea can help you relax and
  8. relieve head tension. Infuse 1 to 2 teaspoons of dried herb in a cup.
    Also, use rosemary oil to massage into your temples for headache relief.
  9. Valerian:  Although the smell is rather unpleasant, this herb has been
    used since the Middle Ages to relieve pain and relax the body.  It also
    promotes good sleep.  Buy it where vitamins and supplements are sold.
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Thinking Of Buying A Home Soon?

If you’re planning to buy a vacation or retirement home in the next 6 months,
simply email me  by clicking here, or call me at 52 (612) 123-4888, to get
help in finding your DREAM HOME in La Paz, Mexico.

Web Apps That Can Save Your Life

Can a good “app,” or web application you use on your computer,
smart phone, or iPad really save your life? Sounds far fetched
until you read what these apps can do to help you live better,
longer and stronger.
iTriage: This app helps you search for treatments and causes
related to your symptoms. It also can store your health  records
and guide you to medical facilities in an emergency. Go
to and then click on Mobile Apps.
Pocket First Aid & CPR: With both text and video, this app
walks you through the steps to take when someone is in crisis.
You’ll see what to do for things like bites, bleeding, bruises,
burns or even if the individual has stopped breathing. Type
in  Pocket First Aid & CPR at
Melanoma Self-Exams: Use the app at
to take a picture of a questionable skin lesion. Within seconds
after tapping on “Check Risk,” the app will provide you with a
risk analysis.
Quit Smoking: Download an app called MyQuit Coach from and quickly be on the path to becoming
a non-smoker. This program creates a  personalized plan to help
you set goals, track your progress, and connect to others who
want to quit.
Brain Trainer: Neuroscientists have designed games to keep
your cognitive performance sharp, improve your mood, and
enhance  your memory. A good one is called “Brain Trainer”
by on iTunes. This can help prepare
you to think quickly in an emergency to save your life,
or someone else’s life.

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Would You Like To Know what homes or condos
are available at the moment in La Paz?

Email me by clicking here or call me at 52 (612)
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you a list of the properties
that are available that fit your needs.

Fun Facts and Laughs

2 Non-Driving Car Dangers . . .

DANGER #1: Trunk Entrapment. In summer months,
children can die if thye are trapped inside the car trunk.
When you leave your car, lock the doors so kids can’t
pop the trunk or get in through the fold-down seats.
Since 2001, car manufacturers have included an
emergency trunk release. Older cars can be retrofitted
with an inexpensive kit at:

DANGER #2: Service Station Fires. Static electricity
mixed with gasoline vapors can ignite a fire.   The
Petroleum Equipment Institute warns that starting to
pump gas, followed by getting in and out of the car, and
then touching the gas nozzle is a common way to ignite
a fire. See a video  at:  If you get in
and out of the car while the gas is pumping, touch metal
on the outside of your car to discharge any potential static
electricity.   If a fire starts while fueling, don’t try to
remove the nozzle. Call for help.

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How To Give Without Being Taxed . . .

Giving regular gifts to your family is an effective estate
planning strategy and can save up to 50 percent in estate
taxes. But if you are too generous at any one time, you
may have to pay a gift tax. Currently, the IRS let’s you give
up to $13,000 each year without being taxed. Spread out
your gifts over time to reduce taxes
now and then.

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Quotes To Live By . . .

Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance. –Confucius

Procrastination is the bad habit of putting off until the day after tomorrow
what should have been done the day before yesterday. –Napoleon Hill

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act, but a habit. –Aristotle

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Have A Laugh — “Who Survived?” . . .

 Nine men and one woman were hanging on a rope under 
a helicopter. The rope wasn’t strong enough to carry 
them all so they decided one had to drop off.
 The woman made a touching speech saying she would let 
go of the rope because, as a woman, she was used to 
giving up everything for her husband and kids, and 
for men in general without ever getting anything in 
 As soon as she finished her speech, all the men 
started clapping their hands…

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Are You Looking For A Great Property In La Paz?

We have some great properties available.  Homes and condos
with a view of the bay or on or near the beach. Let us know
your needs.

Trivia Challenge
Last month’s question

Which of the following accidents sends about
86,000 people
to the hospital each year?

a) Tooth brushing accidents    b) Coffee overdoses
c) Running into walls    d) Tripping over pets
The answer is d) Tripping over pets. Dogs may be man’s best friends,
but they may cause injuries. While kids trip over them, the most
dangerous falls happen to the elderly.
So, let’s move on to this months question.

Who said, “With great power there must also
come great responsibility?”

a) President Roosevelt b) Spider Man’s Uncle Ben
c) Zig Ziglar d) Walter Cronkite

Brain Teaser Answer:

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow!

I’ve  learned…. That having  a child fall asleep in your
arms is one of the most peaceful  feelings in the world.

Real Estate Corner Q & A . . .

Q.  How do I make my home stand out in the market
without spending much money?
A.  If you want to get offers from buyers, make a great first
impression by improving these potential turn-offs:
Messy Landscaping:  Buyers are looking for curb appeal.
Take the time to clean up an overgrown yard.
Nasty Odors:  You may not smell some odors in your home
because you’ve become desensitized to them. Ask your
REALTOR® if there are odors (smoke, pet odors)
and how you can get rid of them.
Too Much Clutter:  Pack away any items like excess furniture,
personal pictures and nick-knacks. They make your rooms look
smaller and distract the buyer from really seeing the house itself.
Old Paint:   A fresh coat of neutral-colored paint is a low-cost
way to make your rooms look new and fresh.
Do you have a question you want answered related to real estate
or home ownership in La Paz or Mexico? Feel free to call me
at 52 (612) 123-4888 or email me at
Perhaps I’ll feature your question in my next issue!
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Mexico Real Estate Information

La Paz designated as the center for E-Closings (Virtual Closings) for Mexican Real Estate The Settlement Company, Mexico’s original Escrow and Title Company, has announced that all closing activities for the country will be centralized in its La Paz office.

[Read more…]

Resolving Real Estate Problems in Mexico Through Mediation And Arbitration

Lawsuits, courts and attorneys cause headaches in any country. Mexico is no different. INEGI, the National Statistics Institute, says that there are 33,000 persons in Mexico City for each judge. It isn’t really any better in other parts of the country. We simply do not have enough courts and judges to listen to every complaint, legitimate or not, within a reasonable time. The result is that reasonable claims may take years to be heard and then additional years to be resolved. After that there is an appeal period that adds to the delay. Thus it is not unusual to hear of a civil complaint to force a seller to honor a real estate contract taking five, ten or even fifteen years to resolve.

[Read more…]

Agency And The Real Estate Agent

Duties, obligations and professionalism in the performance of services.

By Linda Neil

In real estate the party that represents a buyer and or a seller in the purchase or sale of a property, is called an agent. In Mexico as in other countries of the world, the agent has a duty to treat his principal in an ethical and professional manner. The obligation to represent the interests of his principal makes it very difficult for the conscientious agent to represent BOTH buyer and seller since the buyer wants to buy the property for the lowest price possible and the seller is looking for the greatest  amount of money he can get for his property.

[Read more…]

Preparing To Sell Your Mexican Property

Buying and selling property can be stressful. Here in Mexico it can be both stressful and challenging, As in any country, if you do your homework and use the service of a professional title service company, life will be easier for you.

Unfortunately some sellers don’t have all their title documents in order. Perhaps someone on title is deceased and probate is required, or a special filing with the trustee bank is required. Possibly the ownership interest has not been registered in the public registry or foreign investment registry in Mexico City. Sometimes a subdivision permit hasn’t been obtained, or property taxes are in arrears. Things like this can create delays that last, months or even years and can cost a great deal of money in lost time and penalties. Meanwhile buyer/seller money changes hands and the real estate agent may receive his/her commission without the transaction being completed and the new owner having a registered title.

[Read more…]

EJIDAL PROPERTY… Is it a bargain? Or a problem?

By Linda Neil

EJIDAL (EEEE-heee-doll) properties were established in Article 27 of the Mexican Constitution of 1917 as an outcome of the revolution and represent probably 50% of all the land in Mexico.

After the revolution hundreds of millions of acres from the original Spanish land grants were expropriated by the government and classified as “ejidal” properties. The state retains ownership of these lands and the peasants, or farmers, have the right to use them, to live on and to grow their crops on them. The rights of usage pass from father to son, but ejidalthese properties cannothave never been able to be sold as private property.

[Read more…]

How Secure Is Your Investment In Mexican Property?

All too often citizens of the United States, Canada and other countries ASSUME that property purchases are carried out automatically in Mexico in a manner similar to that of their native countries. The first law of property purchase in Mexico is DON’T ASSUME anything! Purchasing property is NOT the same as in other parts of the world.

[Read more…]

Buying Real Estate In Mexico

Mexico is a wonderful and very beautiful country. If you enjoy your visit you may begin to think about acquiring a bit of our paradise. We have mountains, lakes, rivers, forests, deserts and seashore in Mexico. We also have history, ancient cultures, handcrafts, folklore and many other wonderful things to share.

Buying property in ANY country can be stressful. A property purchase in Mexico can be just as safe and secure as in the U.S. or Canada… IF it is done correctly!

[Read more…]

Purchasing Your Dream Home In Mexico

by Linda Neil

Mexico is an exciting place to live for those who are retiring, for those who are working from home on a computer link with their company, for those who are looking for a vacation home or an outstanding investment… above all, for those who dream of a better quality of life!

Home… the word represents security and comfort for the majority. All too often the word, when used in conjunction with a purchase of property in Mexico creates stress, worry and, at times has been associated with financial loss. This needn’t be the case. Procedures in searching titles and transferring property are similar to those of the United States and Canada. The buyer of a house, condominium or lot in Mexico must ask the same questions, and should receive answers similar to those received when buying a property elsewhere.

[Read more…]

Buying Mexico Real Estate

Mexico has thousands of miles of pristine coastline, wonderful colonial cities which boast architectural wonders stretching back many hundreds of years, and diverse expatriate communities of Americans and Canadians scattered throughout the country. The Mexican government is encouraging the expansion of tourism and investment in Mexico. Anyone can acquire real estate in Mexico if some simple rules are understood.

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